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The course is intended for future specialists in the field of cosmetology
For working cosmetologists
Advanced training and skills development courses
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10000 UAH
Cosmetologist course
Cosmetology courses are the first step to a successful career as a cosmetologist. You will get a prestigious, interesting and promising profession. You will be able to become leading specialists in the rapidly developing beauty industry.
5000 UAH
Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization Courses
Injectable cosmetology procedures are increasingly popular among patients of cosmetology institutions, and therefore, having acquired such skills, you will be more competitive in the market of cosmetology services. Mesotherapy and biorevitalization procedures are especially popular.
5000 UAH
Course of botulinum therapy
Botulinum therapy courses include practicing this procedure on different parts of the face according to the patient's needs: forehead, between the eyebrows, the area around the eyes "crow's feet", the area of the nose "rabbit nose", the area around the mouth.
5000 UAH
Course of contouring plastic surgery
Lip contouring courses include practicing this procedure on different lip shapes, taking into account the anatomical features of each patient.
Meet our tutor
  • Olga Sudnyk
    Olga Sudnyk Academy master cosmetologist and inventor
Stages of the course
Start. Getting to know your teacher and the program
Independent learning. Study of online lectures
Communication and feedback. As a result, there are tests for each topic
Passing the exam and certificate. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a
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